Welcome to my newest edition to the blogosphere. I am a dancer. I was born to dance. I love to dance. Ever since I was a little kid, I had rhythm in my bones and music in my heart. Me and dancing were made for each other. But what defines a dancer; or on broader level, what defines a dance? I believe that everyone can dance, but not everyone can dance.
Throughout my dancing career (which isn't really a career at all, but more a hobby) I have experienced a plethora of dances. Starting with my church New Years Eve dance parties where the Macarena was the number one dance hit, to my grade eight school dance, where I awkwardly swayed to Aerosmith's "I don't want to miss a thing", at an early age I began to understand what was necessary for a good dance. Since those early days I have danced on the stern of a cruise boat (across Lake Ontario I might add), at a South African disco, during an African rain storm, in a dirty "meat market", and on a grand stage. My experiences are varied, however, through them all I have acquired a fine taste for dance and have developed criteria for what I would define as real dancin'. Through this blog, I hope to expose some of my criteria by sharing my good, my bad and my ugly experiences on the dance floor. With every post my question will remain: Are you dancing or are you DANCIN' ?!

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One Responses to "Are you dancing or are you DANCIN?!"

  1. Erika says:

    hey, you can be my dancing queen. i will look forward to reading about your dancing experiences. do tell how the ballroom lessons are going.

  1. gypsy says:

    I'll never forget dancing at Maria's wedding...now THAT was DANCIN'!

  1. mariaborito

    you forgot to mention all the spiritually lead dancing you've done at church! i wish i could see you in all those other places. i'm so glad you have a dancin' husband who's willing to go crazy with you. lead on my talented sister!

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