Good music can make or break a dance in my opinion. If the song has no back bone, how are you to dance to it? A good solid beat, a pounding base line and a catchy melody all compose a danceable tune.
Last night, I went out with my fabulous dancing friends to White Haut, in down-town St. Kitts. I had passed by this "social night club" multiple times and have always been slightly intrigued. It looks classy, yet slightly snobbish, but mysterious all the same. Last night I had the chance to go with the ladies because we heard that the band LMT Connection was playing. Now if you are familiar with this local getup, you know what I'm talking about when I say, "funk is where it's at." This trio has rhythm, it has soul and it holds a tune like the best of them.
When we entered into the joint, the atmosphere was just as I expected. It was dimly lit, with white, leather, lounge-coaches lining the outer wall. The bar was crowded with trendy couples, in their mid to late twenties. A DJ was spinning and the music was basey. When the group of us, five, excitable dancers, came prancing in we got a few head turns. This didn't stop us though. We immediately caught the beat and took ownership of the dance floor. Let the dancin' begin.
LMT smoothly made their way on stage and with a deep, soulful voice, the funk began and it spoke to my bones. I began to dance and before you know it I was dancin' and I just couldn't stop. The music just got better and better, and my body just had to move more and more. It became clear that I had lost myself in the moment when at the end of each song, I felt the urge to dramatically end my dance number, as though I was on centre stage. Usually with hands in the air, I would stop with the crash of the snare and take a breathe of air, "Ahhh, this is dancin'."
LMT, you know how to make good music and thanks to you, I not only was dancing but I was dancin' !

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  1. Brett says:

    My favourite music for Dancin' is "You make me feel like Ted Danson" or "Ted Danson in the Street." Great songs.

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