On Sunday, my class had a year end party at White Haut, a location that I've mentioned before on this blog (I apologize they do not have a website that I can direct you to). It was a fabulous night were we were able to socialize together and interact on a non-professional level. Thanks to Jamie, our event organizer, we had free drinks, sushi, and a fabulous location. It was a great night. Thank you Jamie.
Around 11 o'clock, one of my favourite local talents, LMT Connection got on stage and I had to break out the moves and start dancin'. For many of my classmates this was the first time they had seen my truly dance and I think I may have surprised them just a bit, not by my fabulous moves, by no means, but instead by the fact that I actually danced.
I wont dwell here long, but my favourite comment of the evening was from one classmate who compared me to Elaine from Seinfeld. In one episode Elaine goes to an office party and when the dance begins, she starts to bust a move on the dance floor. Everyone around her is shocked by her erratic movements, all the while, Elaine is under the impression that she is a really good dancer. At the end of the episode she realizes that her dance moves are not favoured by many and in fact she is a point of mockery. (See below for a taste of the hilarity).
Now I will admit, I'm not the best dancer in the world, but I really hope that I'm not that bad. My philosophy is that it doesn't matter if you are a fabulous dancer or a mediocre dancer, I think that those who truly dance show up anyone who is barely dancing at all.
Next time you see someone who is dancin and you find yourself pointing the finger and laughing, I urge you go out and join them. From my stand point it's better to be making a fool of yourself and truly be dancin then to not dance at all.
And who knows you may just discover the Elaine in you too. Thanks classmate for reminding me to keep dancing like no body is watching.

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Club Heidleberg. Saturday night. We arrive at 7 p.m., the time that the dance was to begin. As we walk into the hall we are quickly stuck by the number of round tables occupied by retired, white haired, old folks. Bless their hearts for being there, but we were not expecting that kind of company. I don't know what we were expecting, going to an old German social club, but for some reason it wasn't this demographic.
We were there for a swing dance and after about an hour of waiting at our big round table, we were slowly joined by some other friends, and also a few other people our age. By the end of the night, the young swingers out numbered the seasoned dancers and so we felt in good company.
For about half an hour we had a dance lesson, taught by Mandy from Bees' Knees Dance and she was fabulous. She taught us the lindy-hop which was a new dance for us. After much trial and error, I think we got it and nearing the end of the night we were dancin'.
Now, the funny part of the story came at about half way through the night. For the majority of the evening the Lincoln and Welland Ambassadors, a 12 piece big band was our live accompaniment. They were very impressive and provided superb swing music to dance to. About one hour into their playing, the leader announced, "Alright folks, we are going to take an hour break and invite Jennifer to the stage and her and her keyboard are going to take over." For the next hour, Jennifer and her keyboard indeed did take over. She pressed a button and "tada" a full band and boy, did she sing her heart out. To give you an idea of what it sounded like, one of our friends compared it to being on a really cheap cruise...around Lake Erie. Needless to say we had a hard time, truly dancin' to her tunes. One thing that she did teach me though, was the value of doing something you are passionate about, with everything within you. Kinda like me and dancin', she was truly singin'. Thanks Jennifer for giving it your all.

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Do you have one song that always gets you on the dance floor? The one that, no matter where you are, if you hear it you just have to move? For me I have many songs like this, but my absolute favourite is "Love Shack" by the B52's. It is a classic 90's tune and for some it makes them gag, but for me, it gets me soo excited that all I want to do is dance.
Now, the embarrassing thing about the effects of this song on me, is that I go wild, and don't really know how to control it. There was this one time when Brent and I were at his cousin's wedding and I requested this song from the DJ. When the song came on there was about three people on the dance floor. I jumped to my feet, dragged Brent with me and started to dance, confident that in no time the floor would be full of people. I danced, and danced, did circles around Brent, and was truly dancin', holding nothing back. About half way through the song I slowly started to clue in that not a single person joined us on the dance floor and I was the only one actually dancing. To make matters worse the only other people on the floor were these college age guys, who were awkward and that much more awkward just watching me make a fool of myself.
Nevertheless I kept dancin' and I am proud to say, much to Brent's dismay, that this was probably one of my most memorable moments where I was truly dancin', without any restraints. To put it into perspective, I would have fit in perfectly in this video, minus the fabulous 90's outfit.

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