Club Heidleberg. Saturday night. We arrive at 7 p.m., the time that the dance was to begin. As we walk into the hall we are quickly stuck by the number of round tables occupied by retired, white haired, old folks. Bless their hearts for being there, but we were not expecting that kind of company. I don't know what we were expecting, going to an old German social club, but for some reason it wasn't this demographic.
We were there for a swing dance and after about an hour of waiting at our big round table, we were slowly joined by some other friends, and also a few other people our age. By the end of the night, the young swingers out numbered the seasoned dancers and so we felt in good company.
For about half an hour we had a dance lesson, taught by Mandy from Bees' Knees Dance and she was fabulous. She taught us the lindy-hop which was a new dance for us. After much trial and error, I think we got it and nearing the end of the night we were dancin'.
Now, the funny part of the story came at about half way through the night. For the majority of the evening the Lincoln and Welland Ambassadors, a 12 piece big band was our live accompaniment. They were very impressive and provided superb swing music to dance to. About one hour into their playing, the leader announced, "Alright folks, we are going to take an hour break and invite Jennifer to the stage and her and her keyboard are going to take over." For the next hour, Jennifer and her keyboard indeed did take over. She pressed a button and "tada" a full band and boy, did she sing her heart out. To give you an idea of what it sounded like, one of our friends compared it to being on a really cheap cruise...around Lake Erie. Needless to say we had a hard time, truly dancin' to her tunes. One thing that she did teach me though, was the value of doing something you are passionate about, with everything within you. Kinda like me and dancin', she was truly singin'. Thanks Jennifer for giving it your all.

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