Do you have one song that always gets you on the dance floor? The one that, no matter where you are, if you hear it you just have to move? For me I have many songs like this, but my absolute favourite is "Love Shack" by the B52's. It is a classic 90's tune and for some it makes them gag, but for me, it gets me soo excited that all I want to do is dance.
Now, the embarrassing thing about the effects of this song on me, is that I go wild, and don't really know how to control it. There was this one time when Brent and I were at his cousin's wedding and I requested this song from the DJ. When the song came on there was about three people on the dance floor. I jumped to my feet, dragged Brent with me and started to dance, confident that in no time the floor would be full of people. I danced, and danced, did circles around Brent, and was truly dancin', holding nothing back. About half way through the song I slowly started to clue in that not a single person joined us on the dance floor and I was the only one actually dancing. To make matters worse the only other people on the floor were these college age guys, who were awkward and that much more awkward just watching me make a fool of myself.
Nevertheless I kept dancin' and I am proud to say, much to Brent's dismay, that this was probably one of my most memorable moments where I was truly dancin', without any restraints. To put it into perspective, I would have fit in perfectly in this video, minus the fabulous 90's outfit.

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One Responses to "Criteria #7: The Right Song"

  1. alanna says:

    I love that song!! I definitely would have been out on the dance floor with you...

  1. Amanda Pezzaniti says:

    This song brings back childhood memories of making cheesy music videos at Canada's Wonderland at the age of 7 and air band in grade 6, I LOVE IT.

  1. Brett says:

    I can really relate to realizing the situation after I was dancin'. I once decided I would challenge this stranger to a dance off. The bar was empty at the time and just my friends were there. He was a serious dancer but I feel that I pulled out the win with the traditional shopping cart, lawnmower and highlighting my dance routine with a Dikembe Mutombo and a Fred Flinstone bowling routine. Near the end of the dance off I looked out into the crowd to see a full bar. I was so into dancin' that I did not realize the bar had filled up. It did however get me attention from the many girls in the crowd. Keep on dancin'

  1. My Not So Guilty Pleasures says:

    I once did a competitive dance routine to Love Shack. We were in multi-coloured, spandex go-go pants, corp tops with the belled sleeves and bright blue bobbed wigs (yes, quite a look, Mallory would have died!). My favorite part of that song remains the "TIN ROOF, RUSTED!" section. Makes me laugh everytime!

  1. My Not So Guilty Pleasures says:

    I meant "crop tops", sorry for the typo.

  1. Rhiannon L says:

    For me I would have to say Time Warp is the ultimate example of that type of song. No matter where I am, I break out into full out dance mode.

  1. Kevin Brochu says:

    HAHA, stellar tune and a stellar story! Good for you to get up there and dance your heart out!

    My song is - what was i thinking by Dierks Bently. :)

  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh the B52's, their songs just equal fun and embarrassing times. My friends and I are partial to Rock Lobster (best lyrics ever!), and one time we actually requested it at a bar just for fun...and they actually played it! I think we were the only ones on the dance floor but it was a blast.

  1. katie kiedis says:

    I totally understand where you're coming from, Suzanne! I remember growing up listening to "Love Shack", and absolutely love it still! Coincidentally, I was stuck in heavy traffic this weekend in Toronto, and decided to crank up "Roam" by the B52's!! It made a pleasant site for onlookers, as I danced dramatically in the front seat of my car, making the best of my crappy situation.

  1. Alex.Jordan says:

    Suzanne the Love Shack brings me back to childhood and Pop Up Video! Do you remember that? I used to love that show and the Love Shack video was always on it. I cant say that I have one go to dance song i have a whole playlist.

  1. Ruby says:

    This song reminds me of my childhood and in particular an episode of Full House.. good times lol

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