Last week I mentioned Social Ease Dance Studio and the Latin dance lessons that Brent and I have been attending. This week, my friend Emily invited us to go join her and the studio at Kahunaville for a free Latin dance lesson and then a social dance. I am always up for a dance and so after some persuading Brent and I made our way to the bar.
We arrived a bit late for the event and so the lessons were in full swing. This typically would have posed a bit of problem for Brent and I, seeing we don't always catch on fast. But, this night was different, because we actually knew the steps before hand. They were teaching steps that we already knew and when they came to something new we had the background knowledge to fall back on. This made for such a great night. We, in a sense, we had practiced the steps before hand that meant that we could really dance. For me, that means, letting everything go, forgetting my feet and letting the music take me where it wants. It was a fabulous night of great music, good people, and a night full of dancin'. I'm not sure if that would have been true if we hadn't practiced. Thanks to our practicing, we weren't only dancing, but we were dancin'!
Here is a video to help you get started in your latin dancing practicing.

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  1. International Students "I Love Canada" says:

    Very good video to learn how to dance salsa's basic steps. It is important to take dance classes, so you feel more comfortable about the steps. However, the best part of it is when you go dancing in a club (or anywhere else), and dance freely to the song's rhythm. It is a real catharsis! Keep dancin', Suzanne!

  1. Walter says:

    I would first off like to commend Brent on being a great sport. This sounds like a great thing to do as a young couple and I'm happy to hear that you guys are able to recognize your progress! Keep on stepping, and the video is informal and entertaining. Maybe someday later for me though...
    Great blog.

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