In my books, location is huge! As I've mentioned before, I've danced in quite a few places and some of my favourite locations have been in the middle of a grass field, in a church sanctuary, and in a casual living room (I know. Not your typical dance locations). This weekend, however; I encountered one of my not-so-favourite locations, at least not on a Saturday night.
Stella's is a nightlife hot spot. It generally attracts an older crowd and the establishment is known for its strict dress code. This past weekend, one of the girls from my class was celebrating her birthday at Stella's. Some of my ladies were going and so I thought, "what a great opportunity to dance".
I went alone around 11:10 p.m. to meet up with my friends. Of course being the practical dancer that I am, I didn't bring a coat, but being the neive dancer that I am I didn't realize that there would be a thirty minute line-up OUTSIDE of Stella's. So I waited and waited and finally made it inside, after paying the $5 cover. Shivering and annoyed, I pushed my way through the packed crowd to find my dear friends in the VIP lounge.
The VIP lounge is basically a reserved corner of the room, roped off for parties or the like. When I got there I was told that I could have walked right past the lineup and wouldn't have had to pay the cover if I would have told them which party I was with. Ahg!
Despite my increased frustration and frozen feet, I decided that I was there to dance and so that is what I did.
But the location was not ideal. The VIP lounge quickly filled with who knows who, and the four of us who knew each other, soon were forming a line dance between the couch and the table. It became really difficult for me to really dance.
However, I do want to give honourable mention to Miss Dalton, who as soon as I got there was the first to show me her fabulous dance moves. She was confident that the best way to dance was to dance like nobody was watching. Miss Dalton, you were truly dancin'! Thank you for showing me how it's done.

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One Responses to "Criteria #3: Good Location"

  1. Amanda says:

    One of my favourite places to dance is in the street. There is nothing like dancing your way home after a night out!

  1. MP says:

    I'm so sorry that you didn't not enjoy your night... however the night only got worse as the hours ticked by. Our lovely ladies did save it, but there was no real DANCIN for anyone (except Miss Dalton of course).

  1. becky's addictions says:

    I used to go to Stella's all the time with my friends from university. It was the hot-spot for dancing and man did I ever tear up the dance floor. Those were good times getting dressed up and knowing the right people as to avoid to lines. Can't say I would go back but I was definitely fond of shaking my groove thing back then.

  1. Miss Dalton says:

    I finally found my shoutout, lol. I must say I love this blog as you know that I appreciate anyone who can bust a serious move. It's all about dancing like no one is watching you. Even if that means no one else is dancing.

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