This story started when I went to a Halloween dance at Social Ease Dance Studio. My dear friend Emily had been a member of the studio for years and finally I had the chance to see what all the fuss was about. While I was there I was convinced to sign up for a deal that gave Emily one free lesson and me two, one hour private lessons. This was the beginning.
My husband Brent and I went to the two private lessons and had a great time. At the end of the two lessons, our instructor tried to persuade us to signing up for a huge package dance deal. Because we are poor newlyweds, we unfortunately were unable to sign up. We left the studio thinking we were done our days as Social Ease.
Jump to the Christmas holidays. On Christmas Eve I got a phone call from the studio and at first I was very confused as to why they were calling. After some time I realized that they were trying to sell us another package deal: eight weeks, Latin dancing, $100. I hung up the phone and bashfully asked Brent what he thought. Immediately he agreed. I was shocked yet beyond excited.
We are now on week six of our dance lessons and are absolutely loving it. The thing that makes it so good though, is my partner. Brent is an incredible partner- the best partner. He would be the first to admit that he's not the best dancer in the world, but he is more than willing and that makes all the difference. When I'm with him I feel free to really dance and give it my all. When I'm in his arms, I feel like I am on a grand stage and each twirl I do with flare, and each step I do with zest. When I'm with Brent and I'm not only dancing, I am dancin'. Brent you are fabulous. Thanks for being the best partner a dancer could ask for. I love you.

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